Who will operate the Performing Arts Centre?

The Centre will be owned and operated by the City of St. Catharines and a governance model will be determined by the time the Centre opens.

Will property taxes increase to pay for construction of the PAC?

No. Two thirds of the costs are being provided by funding from the provincial and federal governments. The remainder will be provided by the City from a combination of reserves and community fundraising.

Who owns the Canada Hair Cloth building?

The Canada Hair Cloth building was expropriated by the City of St. Catharines. The City gained control of the building in March 2009. Ownership was transferred to Brock University in March, 2012 with the provision that it be used for academic purposes only.

How will the students of the MIWSFPA interact with the PAC?

During the academic year, the students and faculty of the MIWSFPA will have access to the 300-seat Recital Hall and 187-seat Film Theatre, Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. for a total of 40 hours. The Film Theatre will be used primarily as a lecture hall and the Recital Hall will be used as a performance space.

What is happening with the PAC redesign?

On Monday November 26, 2012 St. Catharines City Council approved the new design for the PAC which meets the needs of artists and remains within the Council-approved budget. Artist renderings of the new design are expected in the new year and will be on display at a public open house meeting in March 2013. Floor plans and preliminary drawings are available here.

When will the re tender of the PAC take place?

Construction of the PAC is expected to go to tender in April 2013, followed by Council approval in May 2013. Substantial completion is expected in spring 2015 with the official grand opening scheduled for fall 2015.

I don’t go to the theatre — why should I support a performing arts centre?

The Performing Arts Centre will be more than a venue for theatre and concerts. It will be a catalyst for the renaissance of Downtown St. Catharines. The centre will attract audiences at night and students by day, supporting downtown retail shops, cafes and restaurants. Also, by locating the school and the centre in the downtown core, students will be attracted to living and working in the heart of the city, encouraging additional services and amenities to meet student needs. These services will also help to attract new residents as well as benefitting those who already call downtown St. Catharines home.